The future is ours to create

Just for a moment, suspend disbelief and think about your future. The long term, very distant, yet very real future.

Ask yourself, do I want to live in a world that is peaceful?
A world where nature flourishes?
A world without pollution; disease; war; famine; greed; corruption; prejudice; hate and fear?
A world without borders or boundaries?
A world where you are free to come and go as you please?
A world where the whole planet is considered to be your home and people everywhere greet you with a warm welcome and a smile?
A world that feels safe?

That world sounds pretty good, right. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a world like that? You’d have to be crazy to want to live in constant fear for your life. The fear of war, death, destruction, pain, suffering, loss, harm, hate, hurt, right?

So can you now explain to me how building walls, creating division, spreading hatred, erecting boarders and fighting endless wars helps us all to achieve PEACE?

PEACE not war
ACCEPTANCE not ignorance
LOVE not hate
TOLERANCE not  denial
SERENITY not insanity

#WeR1 spiritual, (share(d) #consciousness) that has been broken into many tiny pieces. You, me, the tree, the rock, the earth. We all share consciousness. We must, otherwise how can we be conscious of these things?

We are all sharing this singular experience right NOW, in this moment. There is nothing else, only NOW.

Isn’t it time we woke up and started seeing the similarities of our reality and NOT the differences?


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